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Will power of a person matters a lot. A person can go through the toughest of times if they trust themselves. 


If someone wants to learn about how they can use their willpower then they should look up to their favorite sportsperson or any sportsperson. 


Any person who enters this field knows that the journey is going to be tough. Hence, they always prepare themselves accordingly. 


If you are a fan of baseball then you might have come across the Anthony Rizzo Shirts and merchandise. If not then don’t worry, we have got you!


Anthony Rizzo is a renowned personality in the field of Baseball. He is considered one of the best hitters of the modern era. 


With a bag swing the people die for, he is known for scoring home runs. Any team that he is on can be sure about the fact that they won’t lose any crucial match when Anthony is part of the line-up. 


As expected the current season started extremely well for the player. But unfortunately, he recently suffered from lower back pain.


The pain has been described to be so severe that he is unable to stand well. After this, it was expected by everyone that he won’t be returning for the rest of the season. 


But this exemplary person has returned and is going to complete this season.  


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