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Brikl isn’t simply a stage. It’s an organization. Furthermore, to continue to stretch the boundaries of what we can accomplish together like developer portal.

Brikl isn’t simply a stage. It’s an organization. Furthermore, to continue to stretch the boundaries of what we can accomplish together, we’re eager to report the send off of our designer entrance!

Brikl’s Developer Portal is an expansion of our main goal and values to enable our shippers. Our consistent soul of joint effort implies that we believe that our innovation should be basically as straightforward and instinctive as could really be expected, and significantly, we need to move discussion.

What is a developer portal?

Our Admin API allows you to incorporate your Brikl store with business-basic applications: CRM, ERP, and administrative center applications, so your business can remain in front of the market.

Also, by utilizing Brikl’s GraphQL API, you can assemble combinations that improve your detailing while at the same time taking care of information from Brikl to your framework, permitting your organization to adopt an understanding driven strategy to your subsequent stage.

Taking a closer look

Admin API

The Admin API is a GraphQL API that permits you to recover and change information from your Brikl store.

It offers a simple method for getting to your shop information and fabricate the combinations you really want.

To begin utilizing the Admin API, kindly visit Brikl’s Developer Portal. There you will find the getting everything rolling aide and the total API reference.


With webhooks, applications can speak with one another each time an occasion happens in one of them.

For instance, a webhook can tell your bookkeeping application when a client puts in another request in your Brikl store. This warning contains a JSON payload in the body that holds significant information about the recently positioned request.

Could it be said that you are happy with utilizing your ERP or CRM and might want to keep utilizing it? Forget about it. Brikl can send every one of the information you want to match up your applications with your store.

Brikl can likewise get information from an outside application and update your store with information from an outer source.

Normal webhook models incorporate the accompanying:

Advise bookkeeping frameworks about new orders or updates in existing requests.

Update request installment status in bookkeeping frameworks.

Update delivering status in transportation the board frameworks.

Inform outer frameworks and partners about the end of a MicroStore.

Brikl offers a scope of webhooks to permit combination between applications. To get a rundown of the accessible webhooks, if it’s not too much trouble, visit Brikl’s Developer Portal.

Native Integrations

Local combinations permit you to incorporate with a portion of your most loved applications rapidly.


Brikl’s ShipStation incorporation offers a consistent client venture from request to satisfaction.

ShipStation assists you with rapidly creating delivering marks for your web-based orders in general. With ShipStation, you can print a mark or group orders for fast multi-name creation.

Instructions to design:

Make a record with ShipStation.

Choose if you have any desire to have a standard reconciliation or on the other hand if you have any desire to incorporate with a particular ShipStation custom store.

Get in touch with us for following stages.


Brikl’s TaxJar mix permits you to profit from exact, area explicit deals charge rates and computations. This deals with unique burdening locale levels progressively.

The most effective method to design:

Make a record with TaxJar

Arrangement Nexus in Taxjar.

Get in touch with us for subsequent stages.

Coming soon…

A completely brandable encounter that looks, feels, and goes about as an expansion of Brikl.

Test shop access will be accessible upon demand.

Supporting more webhook occasions and uncovering more APIs.

Do you have any criticism or ideas on how we can make our designer gateway extra helpful or locking in? Tell us in the remarks underneath!

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