Armed Forces, נערות ליווי בהוד השרון ( Western Pacific, to General MacArthur that states: “Overhead personnel will be reduced as nbr (number) prisoners is reduced however sufficient qualified pers incl technicians for accomplishing executions should be retained. National Personnel Records Center. Also by reviewing personnel records from the National Archives and Records Administration. Yet there are no records of any execution occurring at the Eighth Army stockade. There are also two soldiers who were officially executed in Guam that Marvin and William mentioned as having been executed at the Eighth Army stockade. Frank S., another ex-MP I had contacted earlier, sends me the phone number of his friend Marvin B. Marvin tells me they put two or three prisoners to death while he was an MP (1946-1949), maybe a couple of them from Guam. I am surprised by how often Judge Advocate General Thomas H. Green suggests commutation of the death sentence. Major General Charles Willoughby, intelligence chief during the occupation, was “a burner,” according to the MacArthur archivist.

Charles C. Rexroad in the Philippines is indicative of the rather casual handling of reports of executions in general. The only two executions I found in the records were said to have occurred in the Philippines, not Japan. How many of them are on either of the earlier lists are unknown-there is no access to those records. The MacArthur Memorial produces records of sentencing for that time period. Two incidents of mass rape from that time were so outrageous they were also reported: on April 4, fifty GIs broke into a hospital in Omori prefecture and raped 77 women, including a woman who had just given birth, killing the two-day-old baby by tossing it onto the floor. But if you require any specific service then it can be discussed at the time of appointment. Innocent soldiers can be killed or at the very least, their paperwork lost. It is hard to believe that some of these babes can appear in your bed next night. Make your night different with the sexy escort ladies who lives in the city Japan and make it unforgettable. But there I was, sitting up on the tower the night one of the hangings took place.

I might add that each of the vets who spoke to me told me about the hanging or hangings separately. Stars and Stripes editors as well as Time, Reuters, Saturday Evening Post and Christian Science Monitor correspondents who didn’t obey. None of the documents I review about the stockade ever even mention the gallows, either its use or its construction, which, according to my uncle and all the other vets who remember it, was so elaborate. But he does mention that even as late as April, 1952 the New York Times reported that Japan’s most prominent woman leader begged General Ridgway’s daughter to isolate the immoral US troops. In 1946 General Eisenhower ordered a report on troop behavior in 1946 of both Japan and the Philippines. Whoever was secretly executed at the 8th Army stockade in May 1946 (and for the next six years) must have been brought there from another U.S.

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