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Australian Cardinal George Pell found guilty of molesting two boys - 동영상 I’m sure it was worth it, for all the “fucking nothing” the rest got back. All of that is better than telling people to stick to inefficient industries and tell the rest of us to fund a dead end industry. The companies they worked for are responsible for either outsourcing, automating, or staying in a dying industry replaced by newer industries. You support brainless state socialist ideas like massive state subsidies to dying industries like coal, and preventing fair and legitimate Japanese/European competition so our own companies stagnate and become uncommunicative. Job retraining and reorienting the labor pool, increasing minimum wage, having UBE, etc makes a hell of a lot more sense than trying to save a less productive, inefficient, and/or dying industry. Cats – 2/10 – There’s not much more I could say that already hasn’t been said. They have manufactured the chatting service more safe. You’re mistakenly assuming that we can simultaneously have peak factories jobs of the early 1970s and plentiful tech jobs of 2019 today without freer global trade.

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