You can read the first part here. A large part of improving the position of sex workers has to do with the image prostitution has. That image is right now extremely negative, since people immediately associate prostitution with girls being forced and human trafficking, or dirty, sleazy disgusting women with no values for their own life or hygiene. For example Yolanda van Doeveren mentioned that the new rules the city government set up for the brothel owners are really strict, and it’s a lot of work for the brothel owners to implement all of these rules in their company, and she also mentions that the brothel owners are all working very hard on this with good results (quite the opposite from the image we got from the mayor, like I wrote about in my last post here). But then again, the article also mentions something about working contracts that are completely false, like I explained in the first post here.

Calling the group the ‘co-creators and thinking machine’ of this policy would be laughable, since it’s a group of around 20 women, which is about 0.5% of the (lowest) estimated prostitutes working in Amsterdam, and not even 2,5% (if all of them would be window prostitutes) of the 900 window prostitutes. If you cherished this short article and you would like to receive a lot more details concerning נערות ליווי בהרצליה kindly visit the web page. Could you tell us a little bit more about the ‘klankbordgroep’ of sex workers, the thinking machine and co-creators of this policy? A very good question, but let me adjust it a little bit. Truth is, most prostitutes have very little knowledge about what’s going on. Should we just quit the army, because soldiers have a big chance of getting PTSD? We should get PTSD from getting fucked? We still have trouble to open normal bank accounts, let alone getting a business bank account (although Yolanda van Doeveren makes it sound like this isn’t a problem anymore). Indeed there are many girls moving into illegal prostitution, although Yolanda van Doeveren denies this by claiming ‘we don’t see many window girls for example moving into illegal massage salons’. Therefor נערות ליווי בהוד השרון you’ll see many girls moving into illegal prostitution, since there are less and less legal places they can execute this work.

Most cases about human trafficking however do not revolve around forced girls, but exploited girls, girls that were financially exploited but the choice to do this job was one of their own. Their constant hammering on the problems of human trafficking, which really isn’t as big as they claim, and reducing windows in the Red Light District, has caused the general opinion of people to be very negative towards prostitution. I guess the girls who have been examined for PTSD, had a good reason to be examined, which is because they were a victim of something, for instance human trafficking. I’ve heard from the doctors and nursus at the P&G 292 that many prostitutes have PTSD, because if that’s the case it’s not the question anymore of how many women are victims of trafficking, but then the entire industry would be extremely unhealthy. Yes, נערות ליווי ברמת גן this group is very small, and very few girls from the prostitution industry are involved, let alone know about it’s existence. My idea is that you think this world is very shady, because lots of people talk very shady about it, to keep you in the dark about the realities of this industry. The people at the P&G 292 don’t examine the girls who just come for a check up on PTSD.

Fact is that the P&G 292 for most girls is just a place to do the SOA test. Girls who are being exploited are a bigger problem, one to which I already explained exactly how it worked, נערות ליווי ברמת גן and how to solve it, in this post here. No women from the Red Light District are involved with this as far as I know, nor could anyone else point me to any women being involved with this. After all, the largest group of people with PTSD are people from the army, a job not only supported, but even constructed by the government. Fact is that we don’t have so much actual sex with our customers as people often assume. What is the status of the corporation of sex workers in development itself? Who are these women that are involved with the corporation? Come and talk to us, and you’ll see we’re just as shady as you are.

These questions have already been answered by Yolanda van Doeveren, but as you can see her information isn’t always good, so I’ll take this opportunity to answer some of these questions coming from a prostitute herself, rather then a propaganda instrument from a city government that’s goal it is to reduce prostitution windows under false pretenses. If that would be the case, then sex on itself could be considered unhealthy. In the end you don’t even have sex with half of your clients. An excellent question, since most prostitutes have no idea this thing even exist. In fact, נערות ליווי ( I even wonder if this is really happening at all. Indeed you won’t find many window prostitutes moving into illegal massage salons, and why would they? Stop trying to find reasons to make prostitution look bad, and pay more attention to both the positive and the negative sides. And although they’ve tried to make illegal prostitution look very shady and unsafe, the position of the women seen in this documentary isn’t that bad at all. These women don’t just stop this job, since they have very legit reasons for doing this work.