Like you can read here above, the attempts haven’t failed, it is due to the legalization that pimps are actively avoiding Holland as a place for forced prostitution in favor of countries that have not legalized it yet. Because if you look at the facts presented in court, נערות ליווי בראשון לציון as you can read in an article here, what really happened was this. Some things just aren’t true at all, some things are a bit different from how she describes it (as a result of not informing herself about the actual facts), and some things are just pure assumptions. That’s just an excuse they used to close down windows and reduce the Red Light District, in hopes of reducing trouble-making, drunk, noisy and (sometimes even) violent tourists (which funny enough mostly are Dutch people I can tell you), and replacing them with family-friendly tourists with deep pockets of ‘high class’, that like art and love visiting museums.

Again this tells us more about her then it actually says something about the Red Light District itself. All prostitutes working in the Red Light District are registered! Is Lily such an awkward person that her simple interaction with a person working at a fast food restaurant already become ‘awkward human interaction’. Beyond that all the girls working in the Red Light District have to register themselves first at the Chambers of Commerce as a self-employed business owner, for which you also have to be at least 18. And in the past decade no minors have ever been found, not by the police not the city government, despite their regular checks. I’m getting so tired of all those articles that are so filled with complete bullshit about Amsterdam’s Red Light District. If you adored this post and you would like to get more information regarding נערות ליווי בבת ים נערות ליווי ברמת גן ברמת גן ( kindly check out our own web-page. Don’t you guys check your articles before you post them or something? Or was it due to Holland legalizing prostitution that they were able to catch him? Again a big no. At no point in time in history did the government in Holland ever decide to ‘normalise’ the exploitation of prostitutes.

In short, this case just proves that the legalization works, and that these two traffickers actively avoided Holland as a place for prostitution, in favor of countries that hadn’t legalized prostitution in order to avoid tricky inspections by police and other authorities. The author also writes about the fact that police patrol the city, which has nothing to do with having legalized prostitution. After all, she was 23 at the time, a ‘ripe’ age as she calls it herself, so the fact that many women were younger then her wouldn’t even mean it would be a crime at all. Taking crime out of an industry begins with legalization, that doesn’t mean that immediately the industry will be clean, that will take some time. It wasn’t until this defeat, that the city government started plan B, which wasn’t closing down windows due to suspicions of criminal activities, but simply buying out the brothel owner with lots of money.

After all, if prostitution would have been illegal, none of the victims or the brothel owners would ever have gone to the police with their stories, leading to his arrest. You don’t empower someone by making them illegal, this has never worked and will never work. But it does show the writer’s view on the subject, and how she ‘feels’ that legalizing prostitution is similar to making exploitation a regular thing, like it’s normal. I don’t know about her, but this makes it sound more like she finds human interaction ‘awkward’, and would rather avoid it. In theory, women would be less likely to suffer abuse at the hands of pimps, less likely to be involved in human trafficking, and more likely to earn a decent wage. Women were beaten and forced to sit in icy water to avoid bruising. The fact that the author perceives ‘many’ of the women behind the windows as ‘younger then her’ is of course only implying there are minors here.

I always wonder why people go there if they’re uncomfortable about it. It’s like you have trouble with people who gamble, and נערות ליווי בהוד השרון think it’s a waste of time and money, yet you still go to Las Vegas and act surprised and disgusted that there are casino’s over there where people gamble with their money. I hear these kind of things so often, when people talk about the Red Light District and they say we’re ‘like pieces of meat on display’. Their most recent move has been to aggressively promote the ‘Rijksmuseum’ as their ‘top attraction’, completely ignoring the fact that the Red Light District is and always will be the number one attraction in Amsterdam. Prostitution hasn’t already been a crime since 1809 in The Netherlands, but prostitution wasn’t (locally) regulated until the 1st of October of 2000. Wherever Lily came up with that it was legislated in 1988 I don’t know, but fact is that this is NOT TRUE.