It still looked to be in use though. So I guess there’s still a woman standing behind a window there, even though it isn’t a brothel. In one place there’s upstairs even a red light still burning. After: A lunchroom/terrace. At times it can be busy here, one of the few places which is kind of successful, although it was both empty outside and inside when we came there at 2 pm in the afternoon. As you can see, no upgrade or high class establishment here. Again, no upgrade or high class establishment. So again, no upgrade or high class establishment. Is it a high class establishment? No upgrade or high class establishment. Not really high class. I don’t think so, and it certainly isn’t a ‘high class establishment’. After: Like the previous building, also this building hasn’t been in use for years. After: These buildings haven’t been in use for years.

No upgrade to see here, since the gate is also closed and the buildings is not in use. Looking on the Facebook page of this concept store, you can see it’s a ‘cultural gift store’ selling hugely popular stuff like cufflinks for 25 euro, t-shirts for 15 euro and apparently also art for an unknown price. So let’s see what great improvement there has been in the area, and let’s take a look at all the former brothels that were closed down, and see how they are today. Former function: Brothel with 6 prostitution windows. Before: Brothel with 3 prostitution windows. Before: Brothel with 4 prostitution windows. Before: Brothel with 2 prostitution windows, same building as Dollebegijnensteeg 5 on the other side. After: Before there used to be 2 windows on this side, and 3 windows on the other side in Dollebegijnensteeg as part of this building. The salon is part of a larger company with several shops all over the country.

And, oh yes, also this building might re-open perhaps one day again as part of Project Own Window. Strongly getting the idea this is another one of the concept stores that doesn’t pay full rent, but serve as placeholders and get a big fat discount from the city to keep us out. Now they broke out all the walls it’s just the same place as Dollebegijnensteeg 3, meaning it’s not in use, again! Also this building belonged to Charles Geerts, meaning this building has a price tag of 2 million euro. Also this building was owner by Charles Geerts, meaning also this building cost tax payers 1,5 million euro. Another one of Charles Geerts his buildings, which puts the price around 1,5 million euro. Another building formerly owned by Charles Geerts. One of the 18 buildings that were bought for 25 million euro from Charles Geerts, about 500.000 euro per window, making this building cost about 2 million euro. So it’s ironical that the one thing it got replaced with is again something many people complain about.

Neglected as you can see, it’s just another building people pass in the Red Light District without ever looking at. Great upgrade again people! Just another placeholder, no upgrade. It’s probably another example of a placeholder, not paying the full price for their rent. Not sure how much was paid for, but perhaps somewhere around 3 million euro, considering the amount of windows. Before: Brothel with unknown amount of prostitution windows in this small alley. 2 Windows in front, and 6 windows down the stairs in what is called Goldbergersteeg, an alley. After: This alley which used to have a couple of windows is now completely forgotten. After: Right now it’s nothing. After: Now it’s a shop owned by NGO ‘Not For Sale’ called Dignita, which fights human trafficking while selling things at the same time. After: The building is being used by two businesses. Occasionally it’s being used as a studio space and exposition room.

Last time it had an exposition was 11-09-2015, and before that 12-12-2014, just to give you an idea of how popular this place is. What once was a place for women to work in, has now become a forgotten piece of Amsterdam. Often it’s closed, like now when we took this picture at 2 pm in the afternoon. Around the corner is a bar/terrace which is always filled with people, which makes you wonder why this terrace wasn’t filled when we took the picture? Why was this worth 2 million euro you’ll be asking yourself? Was this really worth 1,5 million euro’s? Which puts these buildings also roughly around 1,5 million euro. In fact, nothing much seemed to have been changed since 2007 when they bought these buildings. Nobody ever uses this building however, it’s just another empty building. After: Yep, נערות ליווי בראשון לציון ( it’s empty again. If you adored this article therefore you would like to acquire more info with regards to נערות ליווי בהוד השרון נערות ליווי בהרצליה במרכז –, generously visit our website. After: Looks like someone’s private residence, although I’m not sure. After: A cheese and wafel shop.